The Buzz

'Don't kill flies, wasps or bees this summer' warning

30-May-22 – Essex Live

Could the land of milk and honey save the world's bees?

26-May-22 – Jewish Chronicle

Bee charity wins silver medal at Chelsea Flower Show

26-May-22 – Abergavenny Chronicle

Guerlain marks World Bee Day with #WomenForBees fundraising campaign

23-May-22 – Moodie Davitt

American Foulbrood found in Perthshire bee hive

20-May-22 – Gov Scotland

Hive mind: Tunisia beekeepers abuzz over early warning system

20-May-22 – France24

World Bee Day: A British beekeeper’s guide to protecting the essential insects

19-May-22 – Alloa Advertiser

Bees are at risk and we can all help to keep them safe

18-May-22 – The Times

In Scotland, The LACRIMA Foundation is Making 3D Printed Wooden Beehives

18-May-22 – 3D-Natives

Scientists’ astonishing discovery: some bats pretend to be bees and hornets to defend themselves from predators!

12-May=22 –

£2.4m components contract secured to help save the bees

04-May-22 – The Business Desk

Chef Clodagh McKenna reveals why she loves to keep bees

01-May-22 – Homes and Gardens

Is No Mow May a good idea?

29-Apr-22 – LivingEtc

UK braced for another invasion of killer Asian hornets after first insects of 2022 found

25-Apr-22 – EssexLive

Landworkers' Alliance seeks to ban export of UK-made pesticides

22-Apr-22 – FarmingUK

Bee diversity needed to sustain life on Earth

18-Apr-22 – Environment Journal

How to prevent insect bites and stings as the weather warms up

17-Apr-22 – The Courier (Scotland)

Researchers explore DWR inspired by bees

12-Apr-22 – Au Manufacturing

Pollination experts install listening devices at Dyson Farming site

11-Apr-22 – FarmingUK

EU to restrict use of harmful Sulfoxaflor pesticide for pollinators

07-Apr-22 - EU business

World’s First Bee-Free Honey Company MeliBio Secures $5.7M In Funding

07-Apr-22 – Plant based news

Recent cold weather could be detrimental to wildlife, say Woodland Trust: Here’s how you can help

08-Apr-22 – On-the-Wight (but it’s in the South too!!)

Cold weather could hit wildlife after mild start to year, conservationists warn

07-Apr-22 – Fife Times (I know it’s a bit north of here!!!)

Colombian researchers seek safety for bees in urban jungle

05-Apr-22 – France24

Want to attract bees? New study says to keep these 3 common weeds

04-Apr-22 – Country Living

Scottish fruit growers to use new AI system to boost yields

31-Mar-22 - FarmingUK News

What are bee bus stops and could the Channel Islands get some?

31-Mar-22 – ITV News

What are bee bus stops and could the Channel Islands get some?

31-Mar-22 – ITV News

Brighton makes bee line for mandatory swift bricks

21-Mar-22 – Scottish Construction Now

New wildlife seed mix promises to be best yet for biodiversity

18-Mar-22 – FarmingUK

Five foods on the decline due to climate change

California uses 60% of the honeybee hives in the country just for almond pollination each winter

16-Mar-22 – Speciality Food Magazine

Honey producer Rowse has launched a campaign telling customers that buying honey will protect bees

16-Mar-22 – Talking Retail

Why You Should Stay Away From Stinging Insects

16-Mar-22 – business mole

Beeswax Market to Witness Stunning Growth

14-Mar-22 – NyseNewsGuild

ZEMIC load sensors find novel use for critical health monitoring function on Apiago’s smart beehives

08-Mar-22 – Process and Control Today

Research demonstrates value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to both pollinators and biodiversity

08-Mar-22 – BES

DEFRA lifts ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid

03-Mar-22 – The ENDS report

Growers allowed to use neonic after threshold for use met

02-Mar-22 – FarmingUK

Wildlife gardening – 12 expert tips for making your outdoor space more attractive to bees, birds, and animals

27-Feb-22 – Living etc

Beekeepers using tracking devices to protect precious hives

22-Feb-22 – AP News

Conservation charity asks Channel Islanders to grow more wild patches to stop bees declining

18-Feb-22 – ITV

Wildlife Trusts' lawyers question legality of emergency neonics use

14-Feb-22 – FarmingUK

York council chiefs agree to scale back use of controversial herbicide

09-Feb-22 – York Press

Plants are flowering a month earlier than usual

07-Feb-22 – Reaction Life

Scientists develop insect-sized flying robots with flapping wings

02-Feb-22 – Science Daily

Government launches farming forum to tackle issues

28-Jan-22 – Farming UK

 We need to take action on regulation and R&D to realise the potential of our homegrown crops

27-Jan-22 – The House

 Devastating new pollution findings reveal a Tory-led Britain is life-threatening

20-Jan-22 – The Canary

 Air pollution significantly reduces pollination by confusing butterflies and bees

20-Jan-22 – Phys.Org

 Honey is helping to conserve the spectacled bear, thanks to bears and bees

19-Jan-22 – Check Mind News

 There are up to 70% fewer pollinator visits in areas with high air pollution

19-Jan-22 – Air Quality News

 Birds and bees: why new buildings need to support the natural world

19-Jan-22 – Reaction

 The wasp lesson

18-Jan-22 – The Ecologist

 'Banned' bee-harming pesticide approved for use, despite expert advice

17-Jan-22 – BBC

 Antiques Road Trip star Izzie Balmer wows fans with surprising new hobby

07-Jan-22 – Hello Magazine

 Creating a buzz: living artwork for bees will bloom in Cornwall this summer

06-Jan-22 – Positive.News