Would you like to learn how to keep Bees?
In past years the High Weald Beekeepers' Association have held informal meetings to explain all about what's involved in keeping bees.
In recent years, with the huge interest in all things to do with bees, we are running various training courses which should enable you to keep bees successfully. These are briefly summarized below, and have their own webpages in this training section:

Training Course

A Day Taster Course 
This is a new venture for the High Weald Bee Keepers' Association, comprising in a short day an introduction to bees, their biology and beekeeping, including opening a hive to meet the girls. Lunch is included.
An ideal present for someone you feel may be interested in bees or the man / woman who has everything.

Beginners' Beekeeping Course
Our BEGINNERS BEEKEEPING COURSE runs for 8 Saturday afternoons throughout the season, from early March to early September.
The course aims to provide you with enough knowledge, experience and confidence to enable you to keep your own bees. The course is made up of  8 sessions.
Beginners' Course - Fully Booked
This is a more in-depth initiation into the world of beekeeping compared to the Taster Day.
Beekeeping although fun and fascinating is also a serious undertaking that should be approached responsibly, much in the same way as taking on any other livestock or pets.
The Beginner's Course comprises a 8 sessions most of which are held at the Association training apiary. One or more sessions may involve going on a Bee Safari (visiting a number of the beginners' apiaries) or visiting another member's apiary for variety.

It is necessary to register for these courses on this site (click here for a link).

The courses are very popular and are therefore sometimes over subscribed, so in order to avoid being disappointed book early!

Please email our Training Officer if you have any questions.

New Members are also encouraged to attend our regular monthly Bee Banter meetings where you will also learn a great deal by listening, looking, and asking questions.

For Members who already have bees, we provide ongoing support via various activities such as BeeBanter Meetings, Apiary Meetings and our regular Topical Tips Newletter.

Queen Rearing 

Queen Rearing

is a new venture we are hoping to encourage in future.