Beekeeping Training Course Program 2024

We are combining training in 2024 for beginners and existing members.

The beginners will have an initial session to introduce them to the world of beekeeping on Sunday February 18th and then will join the general session on Saturday April 13th for an introduction to live bees and handling them.

The schedule for members is planned to be as follows:

These sessions are open to all members.

Session 1: Building Asian Hornet Traps

Sunday 18th February - 1pm-4pm - Five Ashes Village Hall

  • Bring empty 2L bottles if you can.

Session 2: Bee Biology

Thursday 7th March - 7:00pm-9:30pm - Zoom

  • Malcolm Wilkie, Rob Gore
  • CD about the life cycle of the honeybee.
  • Bee Life cycle. Identification of the 3 castes.
  • Development of bees from egg to adult.
  • Functions of the 3 castes in the hive.
  • Organisation of the colony - various worker tasks.
  • Reproduction of the colony.
  • The swarming impulse.
  • The bee’s annual cycle.
  • Bee products: honey, wax, pollen, & propolis; how & why the bees use them. Water.
  • Foraging bee communication, pollination, and interaction plants & bees.

Session 3: Swarm Control 

Saturday 6th April - 10am-1pm - Horsted Green Apiary

  • Rob Gore
  • Any beginners intending to get bees, please tell Rob who is running this session.

Session 4: Queen Rearing

Saturday 13th April - 12:30pm-3:30pm - Horsted Green Apiary

  • Helen Hadley, Peter Coxon
  • Setting up a colony for Queen rearing

Session 5: Use of Mini Mating Hives and Harvesting Queen Cells

Saturday May 11th - 11am- 2pm

  • Malcolm Wilkie, Helen Hadley

Session 6: Bee Safari

Friday 28th June or Saturday 29th June - A visit to three apiaries.

  • Peter Coxon, Helen Hadley, Keith Obbard, Rob Gore, Jo Groom
  • A group of no more than 7
  • am or pm depending on your group leader

Session 7: Varroa Control Options

Saturday 13th July - 11am -1pm - Horsted Green Apiary

  • Malcolm Wilkie

Session 8: Preparing hives for Winter at Horsted

Saturday 28th September - Horsted Green Apiary

  • Keith Obbard, Roxanne Gould

Session 9: Preparing Honey for Showing

Saturday 5th October - 10am-12:30pm

  • Rob Gore

Session 10: Candle making - Wax workshop

Saturday 9th November - 10am-1pm

  • Helen Hadley, Sandy Infield

11: AGM and honey show

Sunday 24th November - 1pm-5:30pm