Reporting a Swarm

Members of the general public in the High Weald area of northeast Sussex who find a swarm should contact one of the honeybee Swarm List Coordinators below. You will be asked to supply the exact location of the swarm and you will be put in touch with the nearest beekeeper who will cheerfully collect your swarm.

Swarm List Coordinators for the High Weald Beekeepers area:

Peter Halford :       01435 882683 / 07729 234 089
(covering the northern part of the High Weald including Crowborough and Wadhurst areas)
Jennifer Moore :     01323 842253 / 07803 744 368
(covering the southern part of the High Weald including Uckfield and Heathfield areas)

Although pest control companies and some beekeepers make a charge for the removal of a swarm, members of the High Weald Bee Keeping Association do not. However,  should you wish to make a charitable donation for the service and to help support our association which has the welfare of bees at heart, that would be most welcome.

Please note that most beekeepers will only remove swarms that are easily accessible e.g. from shrubs or small trees in a garden. In most cases they are unable to remove swarms from inside roofs of buildings, chimneys etc. We have our own well-being to consider also.

Please try to distinguish whether the insects are honeybees rather than bumblebees or wasps. If you don't know what type of bees you have please read the FAQ courtesy of the Kent Beekeepers Association Website.

If you have a colony of bees or a wasps nest in a building this will pose a special problem. Your best option is to contact your Local Authority pest control department.