Links – End of February 2024

Members of the European Parliament for Italy have pleaded with the European Commission to do more about the threat of yellow-legged hornets

24-Feb-24 – The Cooldown

France offers aid to its struggling beekeepers amid farmer protests

23-Feb-24 – Reuters

TATE & LYLE this week axed its 140-year-old golden syrup logo after shoppers branded it “grim”

23-Feb-24 – The Sun

Honey Bees Show Remarkable Heat Tolerance with Metabolic Adjustments

14-Feb-24 – Azo Life Sciences

Cultivating Wider Adoption of Biopesticides: Knowledge Exchange

12-Feb-24 – Fera blog

Lasers will target pest ravaging honey bees

12-Feb-24 – University of Auckland

Asian hornet invasion in the UK fears as public urged to report sightings of deadly insect

10-Feb-24 – The Mirror

The bees learning to fight off invasive hornets

09-Feb-24 – The BBC

Asian hornet warning as bee-killers could bring ‘ecological nightmare’ to UK

07-Feb-24 – The Independent

Newtown honey producer secures new partnership with Tesco

05-Feb-24 – Shropshire Star

Common £8 kitchen ingredient which can make acne 'literally fade overnight'

01-Feb-24 – KentLive

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