Links – End of January 2024

15 best honeys to keep in your store cupboard, according to the GHI

26-Jan-24 – Good Housekeeping

UK Government Approves Controversial Bee-Harming Pesticide, Wildlife Trusts Raise Concerns

26-Jan-24 – Cornish Stuff

Honey from stingless bees may offer sweet perks without the tooth decay

24-Jan-24 – Nature Research aus

New sustainable bee packaging creates a buzz

24-Jan-24 – Packaging Scotland

The vegan farce that is ‘bee-free’ honey will spell disaster for bees, farmers and all of us

24-Jan-24 – Country Life

Bee-harming pesticide use given emergency authorisation

23-Jan-24 – BBC

More flowers are ‘selfing,’ scientists say. That could spell trouble for other species

23-Jan-24 – CNN

Charlottetown homeowner who refused to mow lawn receives 'excessive' bill from city

20-Jan-24 – CBC

Suffolk divided over easing of neonicotinoid ban on beet

19-Jan-24 – East Anglian Daily Times

MEPs reject Commission proposal to allow higher pesticide level in imported foods

17-Jan-24 – Euractiv

The Nature Restoration Law: a vote on our livelihood

17-Jan-24 – The Parliament

Mystery solved after 3 million bees are found dead in just 24 hours

15-Jan-24 – Unilad

Cultivating Wider Adoption of Biopesticides: Enabling Policies

11-Jan-24 – Fera

The Beekeeper is exactly the Jason Statham movie you want to see

10-Jan-24 – Yahoo Movies

The surprising link between air pollution and declining honeybee populations

10-Jan-24 – Envirotech

Exploring Bentley’s Black Edition Label Honey

10-Jan-24 – Salon Privé magazine

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