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 High Weald Library list as of 22/11/2014

Our library is held by Malcolm Wilkie - please email him at  the.hwbka+training@gmail.com if you would like to borrow one or more books (HWBKA members only).

Old library books
Method of rearing queens IBRA
The honey bee C G Butler
Social Behaviour in insects A D Imms
Insects of the British Isles N B Hodgson
Practical Beekeeping & Honey Production DT Macfie
The Lore of the Honey Bee T Edwards
The Behaviour of bees H J Wadey
Beecraft 1928 Vol 10
The Bee Craftsman H J Wadey
Beekeeping for profit and pleasure A Webb
Bees & Honey G A Carter
Communication among social bees Martin Lindauer
The Bee hive G A Carter
The Dance language and orientation of bees Belknap &Harvard
The World of the Honeybee Colin Butler
The Hunting wasp John Crompton
Video VHS
Bee-keeping for beginners John Furzey
Vanquishing Varroa Devon BBKA
Beecraft mag  feb 1990-dec 1991
Bee world IBRA
The Complete Guide to Beekeeping RA Morse
Bumble bees John B Free & Colin G Butler
Honey Bee and her Master A D’Arcy Chapman
Contemporary Queen rearing Harry H Laidlaw JR
Breeding Techniques and selection for breeding Ashleigh and Eric Milner
Bees and Beekeeping AV PAvord
The World of the Honeybee Colin Butler
The Art of Beekeeping William Hamilton
The Behaviour and Social Life of Honeybees Ronald Ribbands
Honey bee Brood diseases Henrik Hansen
The case of Hives Len Heath
The Book of Bee-Keeping WB Wedster
The Spell of the honey Bee W Eric Kelsey
Bee-Keeping A N Schofield
The Anatomy Physiology of natural History of the honey bee William Herrod-Hempsall
The Practical Bee Guide J G Digges
The observation hive Karl Showler
Apiculture for Schools K Stevens
New books 2013
The Hive Bee Wilson
Beekeeping a pracdtical Guide Roger Petterson
The Honey Connoisseur Marina Marchese & Kim Flottum
Queen rearing Lawrence John Connor
The bee Friendly Garden Ted Hooper and Mike Taylor
Bee Manual Claire & Adrian Waring
Mastering the art of beekeeping Ormond & Harry Aebi
Get started in beekeeping Claire & Adrian Waring
Bees & Beekeeping Derek Hall
The house Apiary John Spiller
Practical Beekeeping Clive de bruyn
Guide to Bees & Honey Ted Hooper
Bewekeeping at Buckfast Abbey Brother Adam
Thye Buzz about bees Jurgen Tautz
Honey a comprehensive survey Eva Crane
Breeding the honey bee Brother Adam
Top bar beekeeping Le Crowder & Heather Harrell
Green guide keeping bees Pam Gregory & Claire Waring
The thinking beekeeper Christy Hemenway
The Anatomy of the Honey Bee R E Snodgrass
Starting with Bees Peter Gordon
Hive Management Richard E Bonney
Some important operations in bee management TSK & MP Johansson
Understanding bee Anatomy Ian Stell
The Bad Beekeepers club Bill Turnbull
2 x Honeybee disease identification cards IBRA
A Practical Manual of Beekeeping David Cramp
The Beekeepers Field Guide David Cramp
The Bee Garden Maureen Little
Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey Brother Adam
The Rose Hive Method Tim Rowe
Plants and Honey bees David Aston Sally Bucknall
Practical Queen Rearing Gloria Havenhard
Honey Natures Golden Healer
Queen Rearing Vince Cook
Keeping Healthy Honey Bees David Aston & Sally Bucknall
Healthy bees are Happy Bees Pam Gregory
Managing mini nucs Ron Brown
Simple 2 queen system Ron Brown
New Books 21-11-2014
A sting in the Tale Dave Goulson
A Buzz in the Meadow Dave Goulson
Scientific Queen Rearing G M Doolittle 6th edition
Queen Rearing Laidlaw & Eckert 1962
The Life of the Bee M Maeterlink 1901
Bee Keeping Practice F S Stuart 3rd edition 1947
Bee Keeping for All Tickner Edwards 8th edition 1945
Also a couple of facsimile editions of earlier bee books (Wildman & Llangstroth)
We also have bound copies of BeeCraft, Bee World, Gleanings in Bee Culture, and the American Bee Journal from the 1940's as well as back numbers of A. B. J. a bit more recent.

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