Swarms are a Delightful Gift - Please don't kill bees !

Bees are not only a protected species but vital for pollination of crops and many flowering plants.

Swarming bees are quite gentle and very unlikely to sting. In East Sussex, swarms normally occur from late April until mid July and are the natural means by which bee colonies, considered as a 'super- organism' reproduce and propagate their colonies.

Members of the general public in the High Weald area of northeast Sussex who find a swarm should contact one of the honeybee Swarm List Coordinators who's contact information can be found on the page Reporting a Swarm. You will be asked to supply the exact location of the swarm and you will be put in touch with the nearest beekeeper who will cheerfully collect your swarm - which can be fascinating to watch ...from a safe distance.. as I once did many years ago before becoming a Beekeeper myself -  as shown below.

If you are from outside the High Weald area and need to find a swarm collector then please use this link.

  • Click <<- here ->>

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