Swarm List for HWBKA Members

The Swarm List is exactly that, a register of HWBKA Members interested in having / collecting a swarm in their area by being added to the list.
It is maintained by our

Swarm List Coordinators for the High Weald Beekeepers' area:
Peter Halford :           07729 234089
(covering the northern part of the High Weald including Burwash and Wadhurst areas)
Jennifer Moore :         01323 842253 / 07803 744368
(covering the southern part of the High Weald including Uckfield and Heathfield areas)
Peter Coxon :              01825 732146 / 07738 538274
(covering the western part of the High Weald including Buxted and Crowborough areas)

 Please note that this service is only available to fully paid-up members of the HWBKA.

How it will work -

At regular times during the swarming season all HWBKA members will be emailed, asking to confirm their interest in being on the next iteration of the Swarm List by entering their details into the form on this page.
Details submitted via the form are automatically added to a spreadsheet and are validated against the current membership list before being used by the Swarm List Coordinators to manage the process.
The swarm list will be reviewed during the season.

When a swarm has been reported by a member of the public to one of the Swarm List Coordinators, they in turn will send a text message to members near the swarm's location.
If you receive such a text and you want the swarm, you must contact the Swarm List Coordinator a.s.a.p., who will deal with it on a first come / first served basis, but with priority being given to members who have not already collected a swarm this year.
Speed is of the essence! as swarms can decamp at any moment...... many beekeepers have missed swarms by minutes!
The Swarm List Coordinator will liaise with the person who has reported the swarm and inform them that they will be contacted a.s.a.p. by a local beekeeper to assess the situation.

If you are that local Beekeeper and after having spoken with the person reporting the swarm agree to collect it, you will obviously need to go armed and have something to collect the swarm in, such as a skep or even a cardboard box, and also have a spare hive or nucleus box ready to house the new colony when you get them 'home'. Be aware of the dangers of swarms overheating or even suffocating during transportation.

It is most important  to let the Swarm List Coordinator know the outcome - if you managed to collect the swarm or not - so they can update the Swarm List - Please don't forget!

So, if you want to be on the Swarm List, please complete the form below and hit SUBMIT.