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15 best honeys to keep in your store cupboard, according to the GHI

26-Jan-24 – Good Housekeeping

UK Government Approves Controversial Bee-Harming Pesticide, Wildlife Trusts Raise Concerns

26-Jan-24 – Cornish Stuff

Honey from stingless bees may offer sweet perks without the tooth decay

24-Jan-24 – Nature Research aus

New sustainable bee packaging creates a buzz

24-Jan-24 – Packaging Scotland

The vegan farce that is ‘bee-free’ honey will spell disaster for bees, farmers and all of us

24-Jan-24 – Country Life

Bee-harming pesticide use given emergency authorisation

23-Jan-24 – BBC

More flowers are ‘selfing,’ scientists say. That could spell trouble for other species

23-Jan-24 – CNN

Charlottetown homeowner who refused to mow lawn receives 'excessive' bill from city

20-Jan-24 – CBC

Suffolk divided over easing of neonicotinoid ban on beet

19-Jan-24 – East Anglian Daily Times

MEPs reject Commission proposal to allow higher pesticide level in imported foods

17-Jan-24 – Euractiv

The Nature Restoration Law: a vote on our livelihood

17-Jan-24 – The Parliament

Mystery solved after 3 million bees are found dead in just 24 hours

15-Jan-24 – Unilad

Cultivating Wider Adoption of Biopesticides: Enabling Policies

11-Jan-24 – Fera

The Beekeeper is exactly the Jason Statham movie you want to see

10-Jan-24 – Yahoo Movies

The surprising link between air pollution and declining honeybee populations

10-Jan-24 – Envirotech

Exploring Bentley’s Black Edition Label Honey

10-Jan-24 – Salon Privé magazine

In Colombia, illegally felled timber repurposed to help bees

28-Dec-23 –,by%20pesticides%20and%20climate%20change.

Spiced honey rum released by Hive Mind in Monmouthshire

27-Dec-23 – South Wales Argus

Insect compasses, fire-fighting vines: 2023's nature-inspired tech

23-Dec-23 – TechExplore

British honey makers blast EU for 'discriminating' against them with petty new law

21-Dec-23 – The Express

Honey spirits range launched by brewery

21-Dec-23 – Insider Media

Bentley celebrates sweet success with special edition honey

18-Dec-23 – UK Motor 1

World’s Rarest Jar of Honey: 2050 MGO Mānuka Honey

09-Dec-23 – Salon Prive

British Sugar fails to deliver on 3-year plan to end use of banned neonicotinoids

08-Dec-23 – Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Wild birds ‘distinguish between calls made by different African tribes’ – study

07-Dec-23 – Various

The smartest of their time: the Nobel prizes of 1973 - methods that honeybees use to communicate

04-Dec-23 – The Boar

What it’s like to be a bee

21-Nov-23 – Princeton University Press

How Kate Humble’s move to the country inspired her to get back to nature and give beekeeping a try – exclusive

30-Nov-23 – Hello!

Are Percy Pigs Vegan? A Closer Look At The Iconic Treat – The problems with beeswax

28-Nov-23 – Plant Based News

Honeybees cluster together when it’s cold – but we’ve been completely wrong about why

24-Nov-23 – The Conversation,)%20colonies%20don't%20hibernate.

Lawyers warn watchdog over UK government's approval of bee-threatening pesticide

17-Nov-23 – Client Earth

12 animals that help people and the planet – (No.10)

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What You Should Know Before Heating Honey

11-Nov-23 – TastingTable


30-Oct-23 – DrugWatch

The London Bee Situation: How Sustainable Is Beekeeping in London?

17-Apr-23 - Biological Recording

The first coins to be struck include the £1 featuring British Bees

02-Nov-23 – The Royal Mint

Pet medicine chemicals banned in agriculture found in English rivers

01-Nov-23 - The Independent

Researchers to build hive of data from bee projects to drive biodiversity conservation efforts

01-Nov-23 – Carbon Pulse

Everything You Should Know About Honey Production and Why It Matters

31-Oct-23 – Intelligent Living

Whoopi Goldberg wants to send the Pope some bees

13-Oct-23 – NME

New AI algorithm will hopefully save ‘hopping’ bee from extinction

12-Oct-23 – Envirotec

Immersive exhibition on bees and their fight for survival is coming to National Museums Liverpool

12-Oct-23 – The Guide Liverpool

Bees from the trees go into deep freeze thanks to UON

09-Oct-23 – University of Northampton

Are Avocados Really Not Vegan? The Truth Behind The Claim

04-Oct-23 – Plant Based News

One in six species at risk of going extinct in Great Britain

27-Sep-23 – The Narural History Museum