Links – End of March 2024

Government accused of now breaking environmental law TWO YEARS in a row

28-Mar-24 – The Canary

How to spot an Asian hornet and what to do if you find one

27-Mar-24 – Yahoo News

Interview. More than 6,200 Asian hornet nests were destroyed in Calvados in 2023

26-Mar-24 – Euro Day

Asian hornet may have become established in UK, sighting suggests

25-Mar-24 – The Guardian

How Bees Abroad’s approach supports the local environment

22-Mar-24 – Bees Abroad

THEY’RE BACK Most terrifying Asian hornet warning YET is issued as deadly critter spotted in Britain weeks earlier than expected

20-Mar-24 – The Sun

Asian hornet warning issued after Kent sighting

19-Mar-24 – BBC

Karl von Frisch and Konrad Lorenz: Two biologists in Nazi Germany

15-Mar-24 – Open Access Government

Arnolds Keys advice on avoiding vermin infestations

15-Mar-24 – Eastern Daily Press

Carlos Alcaraz survives invasion of bees after being stung during Indian Wells victory

15-Mar-24 – The Independent

Cultivating Wider Adoption of Biopesticides: Incentivising Change

13-Mar-24 – Fera

Resources for Asian Hornet Teams

11-Mar-2024 – BBKA

With the arrival of spring, beekeepers try as best they can to protect their hives

11-Mar-24 – Actual News Magazine

Oat Milk Vs Almond Milk: Which Is Best?

09-Mar-24 – Plant based News

Beekeeping association warns of damage to wine growing caused by Asian hornets

07-Mar-24 – Berlin News Story

Asian Hornet Trap for Ikea Samla 5L box

07-Mar-24 – Printables

Plan to ‘stop emergency use of bee-killing pesticides’ submitted to Labour manifesto

06-Mar-24 – ENDS Report

A Springtime Buzz: Good News and a Call to Action for Our Bees

05-Mar-2024 – Lewes Golf Club

Honey bees are suprisingly abundant, research shows – but most are wild, not managed in hives

04-Mar-24 – The Conversation

The simple test to check whether a beehive is healthy, according to scientists

03-Mar-24 – Shropshire Star

Imported honey lands French beekeepers in sticky situation

02-Mar-24 – Yahoo News

Over a quarter of bees from Flemish beekeepers did not survive winter

01-Mar-24 – The Brussels Times

Brighton beekeepers urge vigilance over Asian hornets

01-Mar-24 – The Argus

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