Links – End of November 2023

How Kate Humble’s move to the country inspired her to get back to nature and give beekeeping a try – exclusive

30-Nov-23 – Hello!

Are Percy Pigs Vegan? A Closer Look At The Iconic Treat – The problems with beeswax

28-Nov-23 – Plant Based News

Honeybees cluster together when it’s cold – but we’ve been completely wrong about why

24-Nov-23 – The Conversation,)%20colonies%20don't%20hibernate.

Lawyers warn watchdog over UK government's approval of bee-threatening pesticide

17-Nov-23 – Client Earth

12 animals that help people and the planet – (No.10)

15-Nov-23 – IFAW

What You Should Know Before Heating Honey

11-Nov-23 – TastingTable


30-Oct-23 – DrugWatch

The London Bee Situation: How Sustainable Is Beekeeping in London?

17-Apr-23 - Biological Recording

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