Links – End of September 2022

Defra warning to beekeepers as Asian hornets spotted in Rayleigh in Essex

28-Sep-22 – ITV

Record number of Asian Hornet nests found in Jersey in 2022

27-Sep-22 – ITV

EU backs lower residue limits for bee-harming pesticides

27-Sep-22 – Reuters

Flower strips and hedges combine to boost bees in orchards

26-Sep-22 – British Ecological Society

Only Israel could create honey without bees

22-Sep-22 – TheJC

Debunking the bizarre health fads of celebrities

20-Sep-22 – EasternEye

Pollination key for fruitful oilseed rape crop, study says

14-Sep-22 – FarmingUK

Sterling-Rice Group Named Agency of Record for Foodservice by National Honey Board

13-Sep-22 – IB-Online (US)

Royal beekeeper has informed the Queen's bees that the Queen has died and King Charles is their new boss in bizarre tradition dating back centuries

10-Sep-22 – DailyMail

Piers Morgan eats Big Mac while arguing that vegans hate bees

07-Sep-22 - NorthantsLive

Proposal to withdraw approval of the active substance indoxacarb

05-Sep-22 – AgroNews

Lawyers take Commission to court to end secrecy of pesticides approval

30-Sep-22 – ClientEarth

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