Links – End of October 2022

Alan Titchmarsh: 'Rewilding is not the answer to making our country a green and pleasant land'

29-Oct-22 – The Herald (Scotland)

Bumble bees become first insects known to 'play with balls'

26-Oct-22 – The Independent

Expert reveals that pumpkins could become extinct if we don’t save bees

25-Oct-22 – Evening Standard

The first honeybee vaccine could protect the entire hive, starting with the queen

21-Oct-22 – PopSci

Solar farms a ‘blight on the landscape’? Research shows they can benefit wildlife

13-Oct-22 – TheConversation

Ozone pollution is damaging plant health, obstructing pollinators

13-Oct-22 – AirQualityNews

Hoverflies vital for pollinating crops are under threat in Europe, say experts

11-Oct-22 – TheNational

The manufacturer set to shake up sustainability in the manufacturing industry

05-Oct-22 – DPAontheNet

Lamborghini Honey is a real thing but only employees can have it

05-Oct-22 – Motor1

Angelina Jolie portrait among stunning Siena International Photo Award winners

04-Oct-22 – DigitalCameraWorld

Wax worm saliva rapidly breaks down plastic bags, scientists discover

04-Oct-22 – The Guardian

Cake supports the bees with new Kalk Flower Power range

03-Oct-22 – VisorDown

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