Links – End of March 2023

What bacteria and fungi lurk in your city? Bees may have the answer

30-Mar-23 – National Geographic

All UK honey tested in EU fraud investigation fails authenticity test

26-Mar-23 – The Guardian

Toxic pet flea and tick treatments are polluting UK freshwaters, says paper

20-Mar-23 – Phys.Org

Couple discover huge beehive hidden inside their home after honey starts dripping down walls

14-Mar-23 – The Manchester Evening News

Bees learn waggle dance moves with a little help from their coworkers

09-Mar-23 – CNN

TikTok videos are full of ‘beekeeping age’ comments and it’s actually a nice compliment

08-Mar-23 – The Tab

Bumblebees learn to solve puzzles by watching more experienced peers – study

07-Mar-23 – The Evening Standard

Plants’ genetic defences may hold key for crop protection, researchers say

06-Mar-23 – The Independent

Emergency neonic pesticide use triggered for 2023 sugar beet

04-Mar-23 – Eastern Daily Press

Backlash after Brighton & Hove asks volunteers to help clear weeds

03-Mar-23 – HortWeek

Bees Can Be Cannibals When They Must, Just Like Humans

01-Mar-23 – The Guildford Dragon

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