Links – End of January 2023

Beekeeper’s Notes: How Dare We Kill Insects in the Name of Commercial Interest

01-Feb-23 – Guildford Dragon

UK approves bee-killing pesticide despite devastating impacts

26-Jan-23 – Environment Journal

1 in 3 bees, butterflies and hoverflies are disappearing. Can a new EU deal save our pollinators?

25-Jan-23 – EuroNews

EU to promote 'buzz lines' to help reverse decline of bees by 2030

24-Jan-23 – Reuters

France drops sugar beet pesticide exemption after EU court ruling

23-Jan-23 – Reuters

UK government allows ‘emergency’ use of banned bee-harming pesticide just days after EU tightens protections

23-Jan-23 – Wildlife Trust

EU Court puts end to emergency use of bee-toxic pesticides

19-Jan-23 – EurActiv

46 homes on Derby street join forces to create 'bee corridor' to help worn out insects

08-Jan-23 – Derby Telegraph

The US Department of Agriculture approves first-ever honeybee-friendly pollen

09-Jan-23 - ReporterByte

Nature ‘struggled’ with extreme weather in 2022, says National Trust

05-Jan-23 – Environment Journal

US approves world’s first vaccine for declining honey bees

05-Jan-23 – BBC News

US government approves use of world’s first vaccine for honeybees

04-Jan-23 – The Guardian

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