Links – End of January 2022

Government launches farming forum to tackle issues

28-Jan-22 – Farming UK

 We need to take action on regulation and R&D to realise the potential of our homegrown crops

27-Jan-22 – The House

 Devastating new pollution findings reveal a Tory-led Britain is life-threatening

20-Jan-22 – The Canary

 Air pollution significantly reduces pollination by confusing butterflies and bees

20-Jan-22 – Phys.Org

 Honey is helping to conserve the spectacled bear, thanks to bears and bees

19-Jan-22 – Check Mind News

 There are up to 70% fewer pollinator visits in areas with high air pollution

19-Jan-22 – Air Quality News

 Birds and bees: why new buildings need to support the natural world

19-Jan-22 – Reaction

 The wasp lesson

18-Jan-22 – The Ecologist

 'Banned' bee-harming pesticide approved for use, despite expert advice

17-Jan-22 – BBC

 Antiques Road Trip star Izzie Balmer wows fans with surprising new hobby

07-Jan-22 – Hello Magazine

 Creating a buzz: living artwork for bees will bloom in Cornwall this summer

06-Jan-22 – Positive.News

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