Links – End of August 2023

Toronto drivers warned 'bee alert' as 5 million bees fall off truck and spill onto road

31-Aug-23 – itvX

Extinction Rebellion: Sheffield protestors visit Garden Centres dressed as Bees to protest weed killer sales

20-Aug-23 – The Star

Honey Sector Blasted For ‘Greenwashing’ By Creator Of Bee-Free Alternative

17-Aug-23 – Plant based News

‘Murder Hornet’ Cousin Found In US For First Time

16-Aug-23 – The Weather Channel

Why moths might be more efficient pollinators than bees and butterflies

16-Aug-23 – The Conversation

UK Gardeners Warned Against Viral Sugar Hack For Saving Bees

14-Aug-23 – Huffington Post

Top London hotel with rock & roll history twins rooftop honey farm with hives in Tanzania

08-Aug-23 – Evening Standard

Police in Wales hunt thief who stole 14 hives full of bees

03-Aug-23 – Evening Standard

Habitat rarer than a tropical rainforest could be restored in Cornwall

02-Aug-23 – itvX

Ground Control supports recolonisation of London bees after ‘harsh’ winter

02-Aug-23 – Pro Landscaper

Great Taste 3 Stars for Hive Mind Wye Valley Traditional Mead

01-Aug-23 – ResponseSource

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