Rob and Sue Wallis’s 2018 Beginners Course


* Highlight

Rob - Enthusiasm of the teachers. Learning about swarming.
Sue - Bee safari - a really great way to learn a lot and get a feel for the variety of issues that can come up.

* Bees

At what stage did you get them? Where from?
Hive 1 - Fairly early on in the course, 30 May. Paynes.
Hive 2 - Lesley - end of July.

* Bee buddy support

Debby helped us with an early inspection, has given advice and looked after our bees while we were away. This is a great idea which helped us to decide to take the plunge. The moral and practical support is much appreciated.

* Problems

Especially if you missed a session. Regrettably, we weren’t able to get to them all and the further we progressed the more we realised how much there is to know, how varied the problems can be and how diverse the possible solutions are! Hoorah for the WhatsApp Class of 2018 and the support and encouragement of other new beekeepers’ no holds barred attitude. It’s so helpful to be part of a group that’s in the same boat. Also, for the course leaders’ support with their philosophy that, “there’s no such thing as a silly question.”

* Time commitment

Essential to get to as many of the sessions as you possibly can given the complexity of the subject and the value that’s added by attending.

* Difficulties

Coming to terms with the fact that, when it comes to bees, there’s no single, simple answers ... ever!