Pete Cammack’s 2018 Beginners Course


I have thoroughly enjoyed the course & it has given me a good basic knowledge of Bee Keeping, the bee buddy is a brilliant idea, Steve Davis who was my buddy has helped me immensely i.e.

1. I hadn’t had my bee’s long & they swarmed up into my apple tree, we collected the swarm
& started another colony.

2. I sold my car & missed a session on extraction, when Steve did his I spent the day with
him covering what i had missed & catching up with the others.

I have obviously been stung a few times, once with a bad reaction I ended up in A&E, I got stung once on each hand with both my hands & arms swelling up. But this has not stopped me from bee keeping.
I would like to thank Malcolm & everyone on the course for such a great experience..