Kate Lawes’s 2018 Beginners Course

Yes I was very sorry to miss 2 important sessions. The 1st was on extracting honey. I managed to hire the HWBKA extractor on 2 occasions and took off 45 lbs of honey in total. I found the process quite straightforward but very exhausting. I realise there are regulations that need to be adhered to when harvesting honey and did flag up my concerns regarding this with you. There is a lot of helpful information on the internet!
The second session I missed was on preparing for winter which again would have been extremely helpful and I was sorry to have missed it including the barbecue. I have had a lot of support from my bee buddy John Preston and also Nick who supplied me with my colony. So far I’ve not experienced any significant problems with my bees but realised that things can change overnight!

I am really loving my bees and have found the beginners course very informative and supportive.

The WhatsApp group is a great way to share our beekeeping challenges or experiences.

So far having only one hive to cope with I’ve not had any real challenges but come next spring, presuming my bee colony is in good shape there will no doubt be lots of new developments to deal with.

Attending the HWBKA beginners course has been enormously rewarding and I’m grateful to you all for the training and support I’ve received. It’s good to feel part of a group when embarking on this new but rather scary venture.

Many thanks.