Topical Tips – “Cut Comb” – by Malcolm Wilkie

Helen suggests that some of you might like to do cut comb. Make up some frames with just a starter strip of foundation and these frames should be placed just above the brood nest. Her suggestion to prevent them going wonky is to alternate one drawn frame with one frame with a starter strip.

In the brood nest the bees are chucking nectar everywhere. They are stopping the Queen from laying. You need to try and give her space. Nick frames of stores from the brood box and give the bees some foundation in the brood box to draw out. This will use up some of the excess nectar which is pouring into the hive at the moment.

Anyone with a big box of bees who doesn’t heed this topical tip, will find themselves in a pickle.

Beginners who have just bought a nucleus may think this doesn’t concern them. How wrong they are! If you are trying to get the bees to draw out wax and you are feeding them, stop now. If you feed when such a humongous nectar flow is going on there could be swarming even from a nucleus box!

Malcolm 29th June 2018

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