Topical Tips – “2 Talks for Members coming up” – by Malcolm Wilkie

There are two sessions organised by the HWBKA for our members. Both of interest to everybody.

The first session is on Thursday week (26th of September). Maggie Pratt has agreed to talk about preparing honey for showing. The session is useful because it teaches you how you should present your honey for a judge. Lessons learned by doing so will help you to present your own honey for sale. The session will also cover how to make soft set honey. This is something that every beekeeper in our association should know how to do. Out of a less than decent honey you can make a superb product.

Then on October 15th we have Mike Cullen talking about the BBKA exam system. His talk will centre around the basic assessment.

I suspect a lot of you will just think that this is not for them. How wrong you are! Once you have been a beekeeper for one or two years, it is very difficult to know how to progress any further. Sitting the basic (a purely practical exam) will help everyone of us to improve . You open a hive with an experienced well qualified beekeeper and have a chat about things like swarming or honey labelling.

This exam is for anyone who has kept bees for a full year and has extracted a honey crop. It is straightforward and not at all difficult. But it helps you to centre on what is important. In a sense it is more like a chat and an exam. And you always learn something!

 I am very keen that as many of you as possible sit this exam. So in the New Year Peter Halford and myself will run a session about the exam and then afterwards (for anyone interested) in people’s apiaries or at Slab Castle, small groups can take a mock exam.  You will then be able to sit the basic sometime in the summer.

This is not only for people who have done the beginners course but for anybody in the Association who keeps bees and has kept bees for a year or two. You will be a much better beekeeper in consequence. Come to the talk! He is a wonderful, experienced, competent and nice master beekeeper. And he has said that he will concentrate on the basic exam and what is required for that. You should all come and find out.

Sign up for both sessions by following the links below:

Malcolm Wilkie 18th Sep 2019

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