The Buzz Registration

Please join our members forum - the BUZZ, where you can post information you might want to share with other members of our association or indeed read what others are sharing.

To join, simply fill in the form below and I will set up an account for you, as a contributor, and email you when it is done to confirm your log on details. This will enable to post items as well as read posts.

The joining procedure has had to be changed. Whereas the form that was previously used would enable you to enroll automatically and worked well, it was also susceptible to attack by the morons who plague the internet and think it good sport to hack and spam websites. Those of you who are already members may have probably noticed the membership numbers swell with very odd names. This did not pose a threat to our members as your details were not on the website. Also these hackers were only enrolled as 'Subscribers' and could only read posts. Apparently doing this helps them augment the search engine rankings for their own dubious sites. Very annoying.