Talha Dinc’s 2019 Beginners Course

Talha Dinc

I can call myself an urban person having spent the majority of my working life in London and Croydon. I first came across a beekeeper and hives a few years ago in The Black Forest, Germany.
Last year, I happened to walk into a bookshop searching for a book on bees and came out with a thick book, which I just couldn't put down. These fascinating creatures have not failed to mesmerise me ever since.
As a result, I got online and became a member of HWBKA. I was too late to take the course but lucky enough to have a Day Taster with Malcolm Wilkie and Peter Coxon. This wet my appetite even more and I embarked upon this year's course.
Initially, I got myself two colonies, which I split before the bees were telling me what to do and without consulting Malcolm! You must listen to what Malcolm tells you. I learnt the hard way and lost one of the colonies.
Now, I am the proud keeper of four colonies, which have occupied me most pleasantly throughout the spring and summer. We had tremendous information provided with such care and fun at the same time. We were a great group and the whole class gelled so wonderfully that many members opened their homes to welcome us all. We are not just a class of individual students but have established a good rapport, which hopefully will continue.
All of this couldn't have happened without the encouragement and expertise of Malcolm along with Keith and Steve. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to them and all members of HWBKA. Not forgetting my class mates. This is not a one off course but the beginning of a wonderful journey through the lives of bees.