Links etc. – End of October 2021

Asian Hornet nest found in Portsmouth

01-Nov-21 – BBKA

Honeybees use social distancing to protect themselves against parasites

01-Nov-21 – UCL News

Bee1 Sends 20,000 Welsh Bees to London’s Pall Mall

26-Oct-21 – BusinessNews Wales

Environment Bill no vote for bees in Commons

21-Oct-21 – BugLife

Almond milk ad banned for claiming it's good for the planet


Asian hornet identified in Ascot

08-Oct-21 – The UK Government

Sales of Superfood Scottish Honey Expected to Soar This Christmas

07-Oct-21 – ResponseSource

Rural honeybees fly further for food, finds study

07-Oct-21 – Countryfile

Plant-topped bus shelters installed in Halesowen to attract bees and cut carbon

07-Oct-21 – Express and Star

Defra launches the Healthy Bees Plan 2030 to help protect honey bees

03-Oct-21 – The UK Government

Natural chemical may help honeybees infected with deformed wing virus

28-Sep-21 – The Times

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