Links etc. – End of November 2021

'Smart' food waste tags and brilliant bees: The best green innovations of November 2021

01-Dec-21 – edie

New monitoring device notifies land managers of tree pest levels

30-Nov-21 – FarmingUK

RSPB: thousands of miles of wildlife-rich hedgerows at risk from farming changes

26-Nov-21 – TheEveningStandard

Scientists perplexed by flesh-eating ‘vulture bees’ that have quit pollen to feed on dead bodies

25-Nov-21 – The Independent

Bee gold: Why honey is an insect superfood

25-Nov-21 – BBC

‘Superbloom’ field of flowers to surround Tower of London for Platinum Jubilee

23-Nov-21 – ITV News

Bees may take generations to recover from one exposure to insecticides

22-Nov-21 – TheGuardian

Revealed: Europe and the UK’s vast shipments of banned, bee-killing ‘neonics’

18-Nov-21 – Greenpeace

Woodland and hedgerow creation can play crucial role in action to reverse declines in pollinators

17-Nov-21 – PhysOrg

Reduced pesticides can lead to increase in bees visiting crops

14-Nov-21 – FarmWeek

Farms harness power of predatory insects to fight pests

12-Nov-21 – FarmingUK

Un-BEE-lievable! Thrilled beekeepers discover thousands of the insects SURVIVED being buried under volcanic ash for FIFTY days on La Palma

11-Nov-21 – DailyMail

‘No one knew they existed’: wild heirs of lost British honeybee found at Blenheim

07-Nov-21 – TheGuardian

Bees, sheep, crops: Solar developers tout multiple benefits

04-Nov-21 – ValueTheMarkets

Insect populations are dying out. Here’s why that doesn’t have to be the case

04-Nov-21 – Science Focus

Work begins to develop commercial lure to combat CSFB

02-Nov-21 – FarmingUK

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