Links etc. – End of May 2021

Jersey bee population under increased threat from Asian hornets

27-May-21 – ITV

Bee disease confirmed in Perthshire

24-May-21 – Scottish Gov

Bee-killing pesticide treatment for fish farms backed by Scottish Government

21-May-21 – The Ferret

Manuka Honey - A honey trap

19-May-21 – Scottish Legal

Previously unseen Einstein letter reveals interest in navigation of migratory birds and bees

14-May-21 – Independent

Move over sniffer dogs: Bees could be trained to smell the coronavirus

12-May-21 – Chem Div

European Commission was right to ban dangerous pesticides

07-May-21 – Environment Journal

Bees in the Netherlands trained to detect COVID-19 infections

06-May-21 – Reuters

EU top court upholds ban on Bayer pesticides linked to harming bees

06-May-21 - Reuters

Thousands of bees die after vandals attack hive in Southampton

05-May-21 – ITV

Wasps 'could be just as valuable as bees if we give them the chance'

29-Apr-21 – Sky News

How to deal with hayfever, and take care of your wellbeing

29-Apr-21 – Happiful

What went right this week: Dutch bees buzz back, and more positive news

29-Apr-21 – Positive News

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