Links etc. – End of June 2021

Beeflow raises $8.3 million to save the bees AND put them to work

29-Jun-21 – TechCrunch

Meet the robot pollinators replacing the bees

23-Jun-21 – EngineerLive

Duchess of Cambridge reveals she's a beekeeper by bringing schoolchildren pot of her own honey

22-Jun-21 – ITV

Photographer Discovers a Pair of Sleepy Bees Snoozing in the Middle of a Flower

16-Jun-21 –

Busy bees welcome at Horsted Green Park

16-Jun-21 – Wealden District Council

Environment Bill: Protection for pollinators amendment welcomed by conservationists

16-Jun-21 – Ends Report

UK-Australia trade deal: Why environmentalists are worried about bee-killing pesticides and carbon emissions

15-Hun-21 – The Independent

Warning over lower pesticide standards as UK eyes Pacific free trade deal

09-Jun-21 – Times

Killer Asian hornets reach record levels in UK

08-Jun-21 – The Independent

Viral TikTok beekeeper sparks outrage over lack of safety equipment

04-Jun-21 – The Independent

Poots launches initiatives to protect pollinators | Newry Times

03-Jun-21 – Newry Times

Love wasps as much as bees - their venom can treat cancer - say scientists

01-Jun-21 – KentLive

Libyan patients turn to bee stings for pain relief

31-May-21 – Reuters

Bus stops for bees? How Leicester is boosting biodiversity 31-May-21 – ITV

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