Links etc. – End of December 2021

Ecological practices could boost farmers' profits, study says

29-Dec-21 – FarmingUK

Un-bee-lievable: Welsh bee farm scoops sustainability award for carbon neutral honey

17-Dec-21 – Nation Cymru

Vulture Bees Have A Taste for Meat

16-Dec-21 – University of Massachusetts

City allotments could be as productive as conventional farms, research finds

15-Dec-21 – The Guardian

A linguistic exploration of the name Propolis

15-Dec-21 – B2B Marketing

Parasitic honeybee mite uses vibrations to sense where it is in the hive – study

15-Dec-21 – Alloa Advertiser

The Scottish Bee Company promises to increase British bee population by 20 percent - one jar at a time

14-Dec-21 – ResponseSource

Global Royal Jelly (aka Honey Bee Milk, Bee Saliva, Royal Bee Jelly) Market 2021 Manufacturer Landscape, Revenue and Volume Analysis and Segment Information upto 2026

14-Dec-21 – The Galleon

Bees provide booming business to young Kashmiri who swears by the purity of his honey

12-Dec-21 – Kashmir Reader

AP PHOTOS: Nepal's cliff honey hunters risk their lives

08-Dec-21 – Yahoo News

Climate change could severely affect bees, says study

08-Dec-21 – KentLive

Defra may approve ‘devastating’ bee-killing pesticide, campaigners fear

07-Dec-21 – The Guardian

Are insects the future for animal feed on UK farms?

06-Dec-21 – FarmingUK

Study reveals honeybee venom can cure breast cancer

03-Dec-21 – TheBrighterSide

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