Links etc. – End of August 2021

Veterinary practice manager who quit to become a professional honey farmer says her seven-year-old daughter is her beekeeping apprentice

23-Aug-21 – Veterinarian Daily News

National Honey Bee Day: These foods could disappear if pollinator populations continue to dwindle

21-Aug-21 – ABC News

Asian hornet: Record number of queens found in Jersey

20-Aug-21 – BBC

Stung by climate change: drought-weakened bee colonies shrink U.S. honey crop, threaten almonds

19-Aug-21 – Reuters

Glasgow uni spinout secures £1.3m funding to develop eco-friendly insecticides

18-Aug-21 – Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

'Nature-inspired' insecticides receive fund boost

16-Aug-21 – FarmingUK

Impact of pesticides on bees underestimated, finds study

06-Aug-21 – EndsReport

Study finds common insecticide harmful to bees in any amount

05-Aug-21 – FreshFruitPortal

Pesticides: interactions between agrochemicals increase their harm to bees

04-Aug-21 – TheConversation

Why Animals Recognize Numbers but Only Humans Can Do Math

30-Jul-21 – TheConversation

Bee scaffolding and bio heaters: New research reveals hidden beehive behaviours

27-Jul-21 –Science Focus

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