Links – End of November 2022

Poor crop could drive more French farmers away from sugar beet

30-Nov-22 – Reuters

Over £200k raised to accelerate 'game changing' bee listening devices

30-Nov-22 – FarmingUK

Agri-tech pollination start-up set to smash crowdfunding target

29-Nov-22 – TheBusinessDesk

Our artificial honey is the bee’s knees, say scientists

26-Nov-22 – The Times

Outdoor enclosures help protect bees with housing for hive monitoring device

25-Nov-22 – ProcessAndControl

Biopesticides: A changing regulatory landscape

15-Nov-22 – FERA

Bolton’s groundbreaking honeybee research effort celebrated by the National Lottery

14-Nov-22 – TrendingNews

Honey bee life spans are 50% shorter today than they were 50 years ago

14-Nov-22 – Phys.Org

Fertiliser affects how bees see flowers

11-Nov-22 – Naked Scientists

Fertilisers confuse bumblebees, making them less likely to land on flowers, study suggests

09-Nov-22 – Sky News

Bumble Bees Play With Balls and May Even Enjoy It

07-Nov-22 – Psychology Today

Mechanical bees, biofuels and better prosthetics could shape next decade, UK pupils say

07-Nov-22 – Institution of Mechanical Engineers

New native bee species with distinctive 'snout' discovered in Perth's Kings Park

05-Nov-22 – ABC Radio, Perth Australia

Scientists monitor pollinator insects; find several species of interest

02-Nov-22 – Portugal Resident

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