Links – End of March 2022

What are bee bus stops and could the Channel Islands get some?

31-Mar-22 – ITV News

Brighton makes bee line for mandatory swift bricks

21-Mar-22 – Scottish Construction Now

New wildlife seed mix promises to be best yet for biodiversity

18-Mar-22 – FarmingUK

Five foods on the decline due to climate change

California uses 60% of the honeybee hives in the country just for almond pollination each winter

16-Mar-22 – Speciality Food Magazine

Honey producer Rowse has launched a campaign telling customers that buying honey will protect bees

16-Mar-22 – Talking Retail

Why You Should Stay Away From Stinging Insects

16-Mar-22 – business mole

Beeswax Market to Witness Stunning Growth

14-Mar-22 – NyseNewsGuild

ZEMIC load sensors find novel use for critical health monitoring function on Apiago’s smart beehives

08-Mar-22 – Process and Control Today

Research demonstrates value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to both pollinators and biodiversity

08-Mar-22 – BES

DEFRA lifts ban on bee-killing neonicotinoid

03-Mar-22 – The ENDS report

Growers allowed to use neonic after threshold for use met

02-Mar-22 – FarmingUK

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