Links – End of June 2022

Beekeeper Brothers Win a UK Accelerator Programme for Aspiring Brewers

30-Jun-22 – Business News Wales

How I Developed My Bee Farms – Edo Farmer

29-Jun-22 – Daily Trust

How to make a bug hotel – to attract pollinators

25-Jun-22 – Homes and Gardens

Ukraine war impacting UK honey sourcing and global honey prices

24-Jun-22 – Punchline

A Rowan Atkinson Flower Display Is Saving Endangered Bees

24-Jun-22 – Secret London

EU plan to halve use of pesticides in ‘milestone’ legislation to restore ecosystems

22-Jun-22 – The Guardian

Rowan Atkinson hopes to inspire new bee lovers with his CBeebies Bedtime Story

20-Jun-22 – Alloa Advertiser

How to get rid of wasps, hornets & bees

13-Jun-22 – Admiral Insurance

John Craven: Why lifting the Cruiser SB pesticide ban was dangerous for the UK's bee population

13-Jun-22 – Countryfile

Jamie Oliver leaves fans 'fascinated' with unbelievable video from £6million family home

11-Jun-22 – Hello

What's the buzz: the benefits of bees on our wellbeing and self-esteem

11-Jun-22 – Happiful

They're the bee's knees: Daisy's pollinating plants

06-Jun-22 – ITV

Why 'No-Mow May'?

21-May-22 – Psychology Today

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