Links – End of July 2022

The infamous and invasive ‘murder hornet’ gets a new name

28-Jul-22 – The Independent

Are beeswax wraps a good plastic-free alternative to clingfilm?

27-Jul-22 – Good Housekeeping

Guerlain raises over €1 million for the protection of bees

26-Jul-22 – The Moodie Davitt Report

‘Insect apocalypse’ could trigger vegetation to battle for pollinators and ‘destabilise’ co-existence

25-Jul-22 – NewsNCR

The Fascinating Complex Minds of Bees and Why They Matter

23-Jul-22 – Psychology Today

Bee-eater chicks in Norfolk quarry 'indicate climate change'

22-Jul-22 – BBC

Bees boost crop stability and can calm food prices

21-Jul-22 – Environment Journal

Celebrities you didn’t know were also beekeepers

19-Jul-22 – Stars Insider

Bees and pesticides: draft guidance update for public consultation

18-Jul-22 – European Food Safety Authority

Five ways to help wildlife in heatwaves

18-Jul-22 – The Conversation

Beemaster – Teahouse Theatre, Vauxhall, London

15-Jul-22 – The Reviews Hub

David and Cruz Beckham's sweet shared hobby revealed

14-Jul-22 – Hello! Magazine

Bees’ ‘waggle dance’ inspires robot communication in disaster zones

07-Jul-22 – E & T

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