Links and eMails etc. – End of September

“Massive bee” distracted Bottas at start of race

27-Sep-20 – RaceFans

New Bee-Friendly Solar Farm In California Begins Construction

24-Sep-20 – IntelligentLiving

EU's farm animals 'produce more emissions than cars and vans combined'

22-Sep-20 – The Guardian

Tour de France 2020: Lukas Pöstlberger abandons after being stung in the mouth by a bee

18-Sep-20 – Cycling Weekly

Winter bee production

11-Sep-20 – The Apiarist

Virus affecting sugar beet crops could be tackled with banned pesticides

10-Sep-20 – Evening Express

Using bees to cure cancer

08-Sep-20 – The Naked Scientists

'Making honey with porridge': The prisoners beekeeping behind bars

07-Sep-20 – ITV News

Bees could teach humans a thing or two about social distancing

03-Sep-20 – Wired

Honeybee venom can kill aggressive breast cancer cells: study

01-Sep-20 – New York Post

Science Fact Fuels Campaign to Stamp Out ‘Pollinator-Friendly’ Fiction

31-Aug-20 – Business News Wales

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