Links and eMails etc. – End of October

Jytte Guteland interview: For the children and the bees

28-Oct-20 – The Parliament

 Smart beehive can reduce the labor that goes into harvesting honey by 70 percent

27-Oct-20 – Yahoo News

 WIN! An Un-Bee-Lievable Honey Hamper by Fortnum & Mason

26-Oct-20 – ISN Magazine

 England's green and pleasant land threatened

26-Oct-20 – Ecologist

Washington state crews destroy first US murder hornet nest

24-Oct-20 – The Guardian

 Asian murder hornets: Scientists discover first nest in US

24-Oct-20 – The Telegraph

 Former Carlisle golf course to be transformed into wildlife haven

20-Oct-20 – ITV

 'Crazy' beekeepers determined to make it in tough times

19-Oct-20 – Independent

 Why now is the time to save our vital green spaces

17-Oct-20 – Brighton and Hove News

 Neighbour upset by thieving bees in Witney considers legal claim over ‘stolen nectar’ from their garden

16-Oct-20 – iNews

 Weeds are taking over and rendering pavements unsafe . . . wildlife such as bees are said to have flourished as a result

12-Oct-20 – Brighton and Hove News

 France eases ban on bee-threatening pesticide to help sugar sector

07-Oct-20 – Euractiv

 Beekeeping in London could do more harm than good to wildlife, report warns

30-Sep-20 – ITV

 Rare bee found in Newport, south Wales, for the first time

25-Sep-20 – BBC

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