Links and eMails etc. – End of March 2021

The RHS need to know if you have this type of tree in your garden or local area

31-Mar-21 – Country Living

How bees and drones team up to find landmines

30-Mar-21 – BBC

How is apivectoring innovating agricultural systems?

30-Mar-21 – Open Access Government

Developing Varroa Resistant Bees: Steve Riley’s Guest Blog

26-Mar-21 – The BeeListener

Neonic authorisation ‘was against expert advice’

26-Mar-21 – Ends Report

Making honey without bees and milk without cows

23-Mar-21 – BBC News

Beekeeper, 89, blasts CPS after it drops charges against three teenagers who were accused of destroying 30 hives

23-Mar-21 – Mail Online

Liquid gold: beekeepers defying Yemen war to produce the best honey

23-Mar-21 – The Guardian

After Almonds, The Beekeepers’ Enduring Race Begins

22-Mar-21 – BeeInformed

Honeybees run vaccination programmes, too

20-Mar-21 – The Economist

The Syrian beekeeper helping fellow refugees in West Yorkshire

18-Mar-21 – ITV

Jersey islanders asked to report Asian hornet sightings

17-Mar-21 – ITV

These biodegradable face masks turn into flowers when you plant them

12-Mar-21 – Country Living

What Does The New Ruling On Oxalic Acid In Honey Mean?

10-Mar-21 – BeeInformed

Angelina Jolie named ‘Godmother’ of bees in new humanitarian venture

08-Mar-21 - NME

Has China messed with your honey? How the country's 'blending' factories are now producing MORE honey than the world's bees

05-Mar-21 – Mail Online

Tory government U-turns on bee-killing pesticide plan after threat of legal action

03-Mar-21 – The Canary

Neonic seed treatment will not be used on 2021 beet crop

02-Mar-21 – FarmingUK

A common soil pesticide cut wild bee reproduction by 89% – here’s why scientists are worried

02-Mar-21 – The Conversation

Bee Farmer Turns Up the Heat with New Hot Fire Honey

02-Mar-21 – Business News Wales

Bringing nature to life at the home of Rolls-Royce

28-Feb21 – ProLandscaperMagazine

A quiet conservation success story, the likes of which aren’t told enough

26-Feb-21 – Positive News

Chemical detection triggers honey bee defense against a destructive parasitic threat

25-Jan-21 – Nature Chemical Biology

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