Links and eMails etc. – End of Mar 2020

Photos from inside a tree reveal intimate lives of wild honeybees

March Issue – National Geographic

5 lawn mowing tips to help give garden wildlife the best chance possible

26-Mar-20 – Country Living

Vandals smash hives and kill insects as Telford beekeeper targeted for second time

12-Mar-20 – Shropshire Star

Pesticides attack baby bee brains

10-Mar-20 – The Ecologist

This Plastic-Eating Caterpillar Could Be Key in Fighting an Environmental Menace

08-Mar-20 – Popular Mechanics

CT Scans Show Brains of Baby Bumblebees Could Get Irreversibly Damaged by Pesticides

06-Mar-20 – ScienceAlert

How quickly do flower strips in cities help the local bees?

03-Mar-20 – Inside Ecology

What Impact Do Almonds Have on the Enviroment?

28-Feb-20 – Environmental Technology

We're eating more honey than ever before, but it comes at a cost

28-Feb-20 –

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