Links and eMails etc. – End of February

Plantwatch: fungus creates fake fragrant flowers to fool bees

17-Feb-21 – The Guardian,from%20Guyana%20in%20South%20America.

 Bee keeper stung by Brexit rules

16-Feb-21 – ITV News

 Scientists explain why plant diversity is crucial for bee conservation

10-Feb-21 – Open Access Government

 A pair of skydivers play CATCH in freefall - with a jar of honey

09-Feb-21 – Yahoo News

 Canadian Solar gets the buzz about bees

09-Feb-21 –

 Old drug is new weapon against tsetse flies

04-Feb-21 – The Naked Scientists

 Virtual beekeeping is buzzzing in 2021

04-Feb-21 – Country Living

 The Wildlife Trust challenges ‘unlawful’ use of killer pesticide

03-Feb-21 – Environment Journal

 Brexit: 15 million baby bees could be seized and burned over ‘monumentally stupid’ rules

02-Feb-21 – The Independent

 Flowering inferno: Beekeeper says imported bees could be burned due to Brexit rules

02-Feb-21 – The Mail

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