Links and eMails etc. – End of December

Big bumblebees ‘learn spots of best flowers’

28-Dec-20 – Express and Star

Studies Find Cannabis Can Help Dwindling Bee Population

21-Dec-20 – Trill

Virus yellows having 'unprecedented impact' on sugar beet, NFU warns

12-Dec-20 – FarmingUK

Honey bees use animal poo to repel giant hornet attacks

09-Dec-20 – The Guardian

Pesticides: EFSA to examine emergency use of neonicotinoids

08-Dec-20 - Embio Diagnostics

Asian honeybees 'defend hives from hornets with faeces'

10-Dec-20 – BBC

Pesticide takeover spells trouble for bees

03-Dec-20 – The Ecologist

Impact of Covid-19 on Natural Bee Honey Market 2020-2025 Study & Future Prospects

03-Dec-20 – Cheshire Media

England’s national parks are doing a ‘shocking’ job at protecting nature, campaigners say

02-Dec-20 – iNews

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