Links and eMails etc. – End of August

Air pollution is a major threat to honey bees

28-Aug-20 – EnvironmentJournal

Bad news for bees: Killer hornets set to invade Britain

25-Aug-20 – Metro

New honey from Prince Charles' own bees on his country estate is already creating a buzz

21-Aug-20 – The Daily Mail

Grants to help farmers create new wildflower havens

21-Aug-20 – FarmingUK

British apiarists knew it all along: honey is the bee's knees

21-Aug-20 – The Guardian

Headlines Say Honey Is Better Than Antibiotics For Coughs And Colds: Is This True?

20-Aug-19 – PlantBasedNews

A soapy solution to pollination problems

19-Aug-20 – TheBoar

How Is Vegan Honey Made?

18-Aug-20 – Allplants

Air pollution making honey bees sick

11-Aug-20 – The Ecologist

France to ease pesticide ban for sugar beet to curb crop losses

06-Aug-20 – Reuters

‘Plan bee’ for cities: new report sows seeds for insect-friendly urban areas

03-Aug-20 – PositiveNews

In Social Insects, Researchers Find Hints for Controlling Disease

22-Jul-20 – undark

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