Links and eMails etc. – End of April 2021

Let the lawn go wild this month and allow wildflowers to bloom, gardeners told

30-Apr-21 – The Independent

Wasps: why I love them, and why you should too

30-Apr-21 – Reaction Life

Chris Packham: Wildlife corridor project all about 'empowerment'

20-Apr-21 – ITV

Traps in place to capture Asian hornet queens in Guernsey

19-Apr-21 – ITV

Create a buzz about climate change in your school

19-Apr-21 – tes

M&S faces backlash over plan to release 30m honeybees

16-Apr-21 – The Guardian

Ancient pottery reveals the first evidence for honey hunting in prehistoric West Africa

14-Apr-21 – Science Daily

York bee innovator causes a buzz around the world

13-Apr-21 – TopicUK

Buzz for beehives in New York City

12-Apr-21 – Reuters

Wild in the city: Bee flies are fluffy, but not so cute

12-Apr-21 – Evening Standard

M&S to introduce 30 million bees on farms

12-Apr-21 – FarmingUK

Bees bounce back after Australia’s black summer: ‘Any life is good life’

10-Apr-21 – The Guardian

Bloom a Kiss, Save the Bees: Guerlain launches bee conservation social media campaign

09-Apr-21 – The Moodie Davitt Report

New parasitic wasp species discovered in Norway

07-Apr-21 – The Independent

Toxic impact of pesticides on bees has doubled, study shows

01-Apr-21 – The Guardian

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