Links and eMails etc. – End of 2019

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Asian Giant Hornet Invasion Threatens Honey Bees in Pacific Northwest (USA)

24-Dec-19 – The Trends 24

UK insects struggling to find a home make a bee-line for foreign plants

17-Dec-19 – Inside Ecology

Rinse and repeat: Midwinter mite treatment is no substitute for a properly applied late summer treatment that protects your all important winter bees

13-Dec-19 – The Apiarist

Study sheds light on UK’s ‘overlooked’ bee species

12-Dec-19 – Inside Ecology

How bees could help lower your blood pressure: Mouthwash made from substance used to waterproof hives could help combat hypertension

10-Dec-19 – Daily Mail

'Bald patches in beds and lawns are good for garden wildlife,' says the RHS

10-Dec-19 – House Beautiful

Honey's ancient healing powers given modern twist to fight infection

04-Dec-19 – The Irish News

Ancient medical remedy: using Manuka honey in surgery

04-Dec-19 – Health Europa

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