Emails and Links – End of April 2020


 A Couple of recently published Papers:

 Honey bee virus causes context-dependent changes in host social behavior

 Interactions Between Thiamethoxam and Deformed Wing Virus Can Drastically Impair Flight ...

 Virus-infected honey bees more likely to gain entrance to healthy hives

LINKS to news items:

 Give your lawn a monthly ‘Mohican’ mow to boost wildlife, experts urge

01-May-20 – Express and Star

 Bees And Wildflowers Are Flourishing As Humans Stay Indoors Due To Coronavirus

30-Apr-20 – Secret Manchester

 New study reveals Scottish heather honey is a world-leading superfood set to ‘rival manuka’

28-Apr-20 – Scotsman

 Bees & Refugees Set to Cause a Buzz in Shepherd’s Bush.

28-Apr-20 – Local paper!pages/shared:common:hfbeesrefugees001

 Land-dwelling insects drop in population but freshwater bugs doing better

23-Apr-20 – Reuters

 Meet the refugees creating a buzz in the UK during the pandemic

23-Apr-20 – Positive.News

 Thinking outside the bee box

22-Apr-20 –

 Scientists produce wound dressings from manuka honey

21-Apr-20 – BioMarketInsights

 With bees on decline, mechanical pollination may be solution

20-Apr-20 – Reuters

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