Some Interesting On-line Media

Bee Audacious Francis Ratnieks recalls a recent trip to California and looks at the focus on natural resistance to honey bee diseases. In December 2016, in the Marconi Conference Centre in Marshall, California, Francis Ratnieks attended a very unusual conference on bees, called Bee Audacious.

I have sometimes got confused about performing artificial swarms & have found this a handy reference

For those who haven't been sure about AFB

An interesting Hornet / wasp trap ..... maybe even an interesting DIY project for Helen to beat me again next year 🙂

How to make lots more Bees - Using the Rose Hive .... new one for me but interesting

On a lighter note ...........And for something completely different

Ever wanted to know what goes inside those cells - well this YouTube video my son Tim sent me have some amazing footage inside those cells

Queen of the Sun

LASI method for Varroa count