Chris de Mestre’s 2019 Beginners Course

Chris de Mestre
The HWBKA Beginners Course is a must for any local beekeeping enthusiast.
On being gifted a Flow Hive for Xmas, I elected for full participation in the Beginners program in order to be properly equipped to tend my hive.
Although I was unable to attend all sessions, the course was extremely rewarding and insightful. With an incredible depth of knowledge, Malcolm runs an amazing program with enthusiastic tutelage.
I pre-ordered a nuc for the Flow Hive, but I only manage to establish the colony in late spring. I then made my share of mistakes and on discovering closed queens cells (post swarm), I was overly conservative and left two cells on re-queening which resulted in a second swarm. Malcolm collected the second swarm and reports they are very well behaved bees!

With a late season start and two swarms, I was only able to harvest one frame for honey from the Flow Hive. The in-hive extraction however was clean and easy; and is ideal for a hobbyist beekeeper.
I have elected to expand to 2 further deep national hives (collecting my own swarms) and I will likely order Flow Hive supers for the additional hives next year in order to save on the time and mess of tradition extraction methods.