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Free Mental Health Sessions to NHS Heroes

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Defra launches the Healthy Bees Plan 2030 to help protect honey bees

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Beyonce owns 80,000 bees

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Jytte Guteland interview: For the children and the bees

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 Smart beehive can reduce the labor that goes into harvesting honey by 70 percent

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 WIN! An Un-Bee-Lievable Honey Hamper by Fortnum & Mason

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 England's green and pleasant land threatened

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Washington state crews destroy first US murder hornet nest

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 Asian murder hornets: Scientists discover first nest in US

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 Former Carlisle golf course to be transformed into wildlife haven

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 'Crazy' beekeepers determined to make it in tough times

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 Why now is the time to save our vital green spaces

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 Neighbour upset by thieving bees in Witney considers legal claim over ‘stolen nectar’ from their garden

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 Weeds are taking over and rendering pavements unsafe . . . wildlife such as bees are said to have flourished as a result

12-Oct-20 – Brighton and Hove News

 France eases ban on bee-threatening pesticide to help sugar sector

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 Beekeeping in London could do more harm than good to wildlife, report warns

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 Rare bee found in Newport, south Wales, for the first time

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“Massive bee” distracted Bottas at start of race

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New Bee-Friendly Solar Farm In California Begins Construction

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EU's farm animals 'produce more emissions than cars and vans combined'

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Tour de France 2020: Lukas Pöstlberger abandons after being stung in the mouth by a bee

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Winter bee production

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Virus affecting sugar beet crops could be tackled with banned pesticides

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Using bees to cure cancer

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'Making honey with porridge': The prisoners beekeeping behind bars

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Bees could teach humans a thing or two about social distancing

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Honeybee venom can kill aggressive breast cancer cells: study

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Science Fact Fuels Campaign to Stamp Out ‘Pollinator-Friendly’ Fiction

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Air pollution is a major threat to honey bees

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Bad news for bees: Killer hornets set to invade Britain

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New honey from Prince Charles' own bees on his country estate is already creating a buzz

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Grants to help farmers create new wildflower havens

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British apiarists knew it all along: honey is the bee's knees

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Headlines Say Honey Is Better Than Antibiotics For Coughs And Colds: Is This True?

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A soapy solution to pollination problems

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How Is Vegan Honey Made?

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Air pollution making honey bees sick

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France to ease pesticide ban for sugar beet to curb crop losses

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‘Plan bee’ for cities: new report sows seeds for insect-friendly urban areas

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In Social Insects, Researchers Find Hints for Controlling Disease

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Loss of bees causes shortage of key food crops, study finds

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Pesticides and bees: evidence on mortality rates reviewed

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Plant-Based Alternatives to Honey

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Council mows down wildflower meadow

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Pesticide use must be reduced in the UK, demands new report

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Scientists figure out how bees reproduce without having sex

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A newly completed B-Lines network for England is being launched this week by conservation charity Buglife

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Campaign champions farmers' work in boosting bees

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EU 'failed to protect bees and pollinators', report finds

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Fine words, but insufficient action – Audit judges EU’s efforts to halt insectinction as failing

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EU has failed to halt decline of bees and butterflies, auditors say

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Campaign to help farmers boost bees raises £75,000

08-Jul-20 – FarmingUK

Why are killer bees so angry? Study finds insects' aggression comes from genetics of European insects which mixed with African honey bees

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