2019 Links

In this section you will the very latest links to topical Bee matters that our secretary gets sent and which he harvests via Google Alerts

LINKS to news items:

Asian Giant Hornet Invasion Threatens Honey Bees in Pacific Northwest (USA)

24-Dec-19 – The Trends 24


UK insects struggling to find a home make a bee-line for foreign plants

17-Dec-19 – Inside Ecology

Rinse and repeat: Midwinter mite treatment is no substitute for a properly applied late summer treatment that protects your all important winter bees

13-Dec-19 – The Apiarist

Study sheds light on UK’s ‘overlooked’ bee species

12-Dec-19 – Inside Ecology

How bees could help lower your blood pressure: Mouthwash made from substance used to waterproof hives could help combat hypertension

10-Dec-19 – Daily Mail


'Bald patches in beds and lawns are good for garden wildlife,' says the RHS

10-Dec-19 – House Beautiful


Honey's ancient healing powers given modern twist to fight infection

04-Dec-19 – The Irish News


Ancient medical remedy: using Manuka honey in surgery

04-Dec-19 – Health Europa


Crowborough Horticultural Society

The Crowborough Horticultural Society are looking for someone to talk to them about bees on 23rd February 2021 at 7.30pm at the Crowborough Community Centre.  The subject could be anything you like in relation to bees as the topic is so important to any gardener.
Please contact me if you can help and would like more details.

Out-Apiary Offerred

We have a member offering to host two hives on his land in a protected garden area in the middle of two acres of wildflower meadows, just south of Dallington.  He can keep an eye on the hives but doesn't want to be ultimately responsible for them. He would also like to observe how they are kept by a skilled bee keeper.
Please contact me if you can help.

Honey Warming Cabinet

We have a member looking for someone willing to lend or hire out a Honey Warming Cabinet.
Please contact me if you can help.


We have a member looking to purchase about a kg of beeswax. They are in Groombridge and will collect.
Please contact me if you can help.

LINKS to news items:

Campaign launches to ban pesticides, transform agriculture and save bees, farmers and nature

26-Nov-19 – EU Today


Ohio University professor claims insect-like beings are living on Mars

19-Nov-19 – Daily Mail


Leaf blowers deadly to declining insects, Germans warned

16-Nov-19 – WicNews

Chilean honey shown to have beneficial health properties

15-Nov-19 – Speciality Food Magazine


Strange case of man in Indonesia who can summon bees by meditating

15-Nov-19 – OneNewsPage - Video


Call for end to routine pesticide use to avert insect catastrophe

13-Nov-19 – The Scotsman


Huge deadly Asian Hornet nest in the Channel Islands has been discovered

04-Nov-19 – The Scotsman