2020 Links

In this section you will the very latest links to topical Bee matters that our Membership secretary gets sent and which he harvests via Google Alerts

Big bumblebees ‘learn spots of best flowers’

28-Dec-20 – Express and Star


Studies Find Cannabis Can Help Dwindling Bee Population

21-Dec-20 – Trill


Virus yellows having 'unprecedented impact' on sugar beet, NFU warns

12-Dec-20 – FarmingUK


Honey bees use animal poo to repel giant hornet attacks

09-Dec-20 – The Guardian


Pesticides: EFSA to examine emergency use of neonicotinoids

08-Dec-20 - Embio Diagnostics

Asian honeybees 'defend hives from hornets with faeces'

10-Dec-20 – BBC


Pesticide takeover spells trouble for bees

03-Dec-20 – The Ecologist


Impact of Covid-19 on Natural Bee Honey Market 2020-2025 Study & Future Prospects

03-Dec-20 – Cheshire Media

England’s national parks are doing a ‘shocking’ job at protecting nature, campaigners say

02-Dec-20 – iNewshttps://inews.co.uk/news/environment/england-national-parks-shocking-job-protecting-nature-explained-780664

How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact Apiculture Market Size, Trends, Scope & Challenges To 2026

26-Nov-20 – Cheshire Media

Martin Down Farmers are the Bees’ Needs for Pollinators

26-Nov-20 – Stackyard


Twelve farmers hailed by Defra for bee-boosting efforts

24-Nov-20 – FarmingUK


Progress: Beekeeper Joe Harper reveals how his vitamin honey slayed a dragon

12-Nov-20 – Metro

Follow Sarah Beeny's ambitious renovation project with new Channel 4 series

08-Nov-20 – MSN


Project: Bees and Refugees

06-Nov-20 – The Badger

Jeremy Clarkson says bees 'hate' him as he is stung on the bottom

05-Nov-20 – Yahoo Finance


Free Mental Health Sessions to NHS Heroes

05-Nov-20 – BusinessNewsWales

Defra launches the Healthy Bees Plan 2030 to help protect honey bees

03-Nov-20 – UK Government


Prisons: The good, the bad and the ugly - YO ‘Bee Club’

02-Nov-20 - InsideTime

Beyonce owns 80,000 bees

01-Nov-20 – MSN

Jytte Guteland interview: For the children and the bees

28-Oct-20 – The Parliament


 Smart beehive can reduce the labor that goes into harvesting honey by 70 percent

27-Oct-20 – Yahoo News


 WIN! An Un-Bee-Lievable Honey Hamper by Fortnum & Mason

26-Oct-20 – ISN Magazine


 England's green and pleasant land threatened

26-Oct-20 – Ecologist


Washington state crews destroy first US murder hornet nest

24-Oct-20 – The Guardian


 Asian murder hornets: Scientists discover first nest in US

24-Oct-20 – The Telegraph


 Former Carlisle golf course to be transformed into wildlife haven

20-Oct-20 – ITV


 'Crazy' beekeepers determined to make it in tough times

19-Oct-20 – Independent


 Why now is the time to save our vital green spaces

17-Oct-20 – Brighton and Hove News

 Neighbour upset by thieving bees in Witney considers legal claim over ‘stolen nectar’ from their garden

16-Oct-20 – iNews


 Weeds are taking over and rendering pavements unsafe . . . wildlife such as bees are said to have flourished as a result

12-Oct-20 – Brighton and Hove News

 France eases ban on bee-threatening pesticide to help sugar sector

07-Oct-20 – Euractiv

 Beekeeping in London could do more harm than good to wildlife, report warns

30-Sep-20 – ITV


 Rare bee found in Newport, south Wales, for the first time

25-Sep-20 – BBC


“Massive bee” distracted Bottas at start of race

27-Sep-20 – RaceFans

New Bee-Friendly Solar Farm In California Begins Construction

24-Sep-20 – IntelligentLiving

EU's farm animals 'produce more emissions than cars and vans combined'

22-Sep-20 – The Guardian


Tour de France 2020: Lukas Pöstlberger abandons after being stung in the mouth by a bee

18-Sep-20 – Cycling Weekly

Winter bee production

11-Sep-20 – The Apiarist

Virus affecting sugar beet crops could be tackled with banned pesticides

10-Sep-20 – Evening Express

Using bees to cure cancer

08-Sep-20 – The Naked Scientists


'Making honey with porridge': The prisoners beekeeping behind bars

07-Sep-20 – ITV News


Bees could teach humans a thing or two about social distancing

03-Sep-20 – Wired


Honeybee venom can kill aggressive breast cancer cells: study

01-Sep-20 – New York Post


Science Fact Fuels Campaign to Stamp Out ‘Pollinator-Friendly’ Fiction

31-Aug-20 – Business News Wales

Air pollution is a major threat to honey bees

28-Aug-20 – EnvironmentJournal


Bad news for bees: Killer hornets set to invade Britain

25-Aug-20 – Metro

New honey from Prince Charles' own bees on his country estate is already creating a buzz

21-Aug-20 – The Daily Mail


Grants to help farmers create new wildflower havens

21-Aug-20 – FarmingUK


British apiarists knew it all along: honey is the bee's knees

21-Aug-20 – The Guardian


Headlines Say Honey Is Better Than Antibiotics For Coughs And Colds: Is This True?

20-Aug-19 – PlantBasedNews


A soapy solution to pollination problems

19-Aug-20 – TheBoar

How Is Vegan Honey Made?

18-Aug-20 – Allplants


Air pollution making honey bees sick

11-Aug-20 – The Ecologist


France to ease pesticide ban for sugar beet to curb crop losses

06-Aug-20 – Reuters


‘Plan bee’ for cities: new report sows seeds for insect-friendly urban areas

03-Aug-20 – PositiveNews

In Social Insects, Researchers Find Hints for Controlling Disease

22-Jul-20 – undark